How to Cut Grass Under Trampoline: The Art of Cutting Grass


Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is a source of pride for homeowners, but what happens when an obstacle like a trampoline stands in the way of achieving that pristine look? Fear not! With a few simple steps and careful planning, you can master the art of cutting grass under a trampoline.


Today, we will explore the necessary precautions and techniques to ensure a safe and efficient grass-cutting experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice with a green thumb, read on to discover how to navigate this unique challenge and keep your yard looking impeccable throughout the season.

Get ready to transform the chore of mowing around a trampoline into a breeze!

How To Cut Grass Under Trampoline

How to Cut Grass Under a Trampoline

When cutting grass under a trampoline, it’s important to prioritize safety and take a few precautions. Start by ensuring the trampoline is securely placed on a flat surface.

Next, carefully lift one side of the trampoline to create enough space for the lawnmower to pass underneath. Use a push mower or a trimmer with a low cutting height to navigate around the trampoline legs.

Take extra care to avoid the springs and frame to prevent any damage. It may be helpful to have someone assist you by holding the trampoline while you cut the grass.

Once you’ve finished cutting, lower the trampoline back to its original position and inspect the area for any missed spots. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and exercise caution when working near the trampoline.

Importance of Cutting Grass Under a Trampoline

Keeping the grass trimmed under your trampoline is vital for various reasons. Firstly, it helps to maintain the aesthetics of your outdoor space, ensuring it looks neat and well-groomed.

Additionally, cutting the grass under the trampoline prevents it from growing too tall and potentially interfering with the trampoline’s structure or springs.


By maintaining a clean and trimmed area, you create a safer environment for trampoline users.

Step-by-Step Guide on Cutting Grass Under a Trampoline

Follow these step-by-step instructions to cut the grass under your trampoline effectively:

Step 1: Prepare the Trampoline

Start by ensuring the trampoline is empty and free from any users. Remove the safety net, ladder, or any other attachments that may hinder your access to the grass underneath.

This step helps you avoid potential accidents or damage to the equipment.

Step 2: Use a Suitable Lawnmower

Choose a lawnmower that suits the size of your yard and the grass height. For small to medium-sized yards, a push mower or a cordless electric mower can be used.

For larger yards, a self-propelled gas-powered mower may be more efficient. Ensure that the lawnmower’s cutting height is adjusted to an appropriate level for the grass under the trampoline.

Step 3: Mow the Grass in Sections

Divide the area under the trampoline into manageable sections. Start mowing from the outer edges, working your way inward. Use straight and overlapping lines to ensure even coverage.

Take your time and pay attention to any uneven spots or obstacles that may require extra care.

Step 4: Rake and Dispose of the Cut Grass Properly

After mowing each section, use a rake to gather the cut grass. Dispose of the grass clippings properly, either by composting them or placing them in designated yard waste bags. This step helps maintain a clean and tidy area around the trampoline.

Step 5: Regular Maintenance

To keep the grass under the trampoline well-maintained, establish a regular mowing schedule. Depending on the growth rate of your grass, you may need to mow every one to two weeks.

Regular maintenance prevents the grass from becoming excessively tall and reduces the effort required during each mowing session.

Safety Precautions and Considerations

Before you start cutting the grass under your trampoline, it’s important to take a few safety precautions and consider some essential factors. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Selecting the Right Tools and Equipment

To effectively cut the grass under a trampoline, you’ll need suitable tools and equipment. Ensure you have a reliable lawnmower with adjustable cutting height and a grass catcher or bagging attachment. These tools will help you achieve a clean cut while collecting the grass clippings efficiently.

Clearing the Area Around the Trampoline

Before you begin cutting the grass, clear the area around the trampoline from any debris or objects that could interfere with the mowing process.

Remove toys, stones, and any other potential hazards to create a safe working environment.

Tips for Effective Grass Cutting

To ensure optimal results and maintain a healthy lawn, consider the following tips when cutting grass under a trampoline:

Maintaining the Right Mowing Height

Adjust your lawnmower’s cutting height to the recommended level for your grass type. Cutting the grass too short can stress the plants, while leaving it too long may lead to uneven growth or increased weed development.

Refer to the specific guidelines for your grass species to achieve the ideal mowing height.

Using a Grass Catcher or Bagging Attachment

Using a lawnmower with a grass catcher or bagging attachment is highly recommended when cutting grass under a trampoline.

These attachments collect the grass clippings efficiently, preventing them from getting tangled in the trampoline’s springs or creating a mess around the area.

Avoiding Wet Grass or Rainy Conditions

It’s best to avoid cutting wet grass or mowing immediately after rainfall. Wet grass tends to clump together, making it difficult to achieve a clean cut.

Additionally, mowing wet grass can lead to soil compaction and damage the lawn. Wait for the grass to dry before proceeding with the cutting process.

Benefits of Keeping the Grass Under a Trampoline Short

Maintaining a well-trimmed lawn under your trampoline offers several benefits:

Enhanced Safety: Cutting the grass short reduces the risk of tripping hazards or entanglement with the trampoline’s components, ensuring a safer environment for trampoline users.

Improved Aesthetics: A neatly trimmed lawn creates a visually appealing outdoor space, enhancing the overall look of your backyard.

Reduced Debris: Short grass minimizes the accumulation of debris, such as fallen leaves or twigs, providing a cleaner and more enjoyable trampoline experience.

Easier Maintenance: Regular grass cutting prevents the need for intensive cleanup sessions, making the overall maintenance process more manageable and time-efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I remove the trampoline before cutting the grass?

It’s not necessary to remove the trampoline as long as you can safely access the grass underneath. Follow the safety precautions mentioned earlier to ensure a hazard-free mowing experience.

Can I use a string trimmer to cut the grass under the trampoline?

While a string trimmer can be used for edging around the trampoline, it may not be the most effective tool for cutting the entire area. A lawnmower is generally recommended for a more thorough and efficient cut.

How often should I cut the grass under the trampoline?

The frequency of grass cutting will depend on the growth rate of your grass. Generally, mowing every one to two weeks should be sufficient to maintain a well-manicured appearance.

Adjust the frequency based on how quickly the grass grows in your specific climate and conditions.

What if the grass is too tall to cut with a lawnmower?

If the grass under your trampoline has grown excessively tall, it’s recommended to trim it down gradually. Begin by using a string trimmer or a manual grass shear to reduce the height.

Once the grass is at a manageable level, you can proceed with regular mowing.

Are there any alternatives to cutting the grass under a trampoline?

If maintaining a lawn under the trampoline becomes challenging or undesirable, you can explore alternatives such as installing a ground cover or artificial turf.

These options eliminate the need for grass cutting while still providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Can I use a lawnmower with a bagging attachment to collect the grass clippings?

Yes, using a lawnmower with a bagging attachment is a convenient way to collect the grass clippings and keep the area under the trampoline clean.

Is it necessary to wear protective gear while cutting the grass under a trampoline?

It’s advisable to wear closed-toe shoes, safety goggles, and hearing protection when operating a lawnmower or any other power tools for grass cutting.

Can I use herbicides or weed killers to control weeds under the trampoline?

It’s best to avoid using herbicides or weed killers directly under the trampoline, as they may come into contact with the trampoline material.

Instead, manually remove weeds or consider using natural weed control methods.

What should I do if the grass under the trampoline is uneven or patchy?

If you notice uneven or patchy areas of grass, you can reseed or overseed those spots to promote healthier growth and fill in the gaps.

Is it necessary to cut the grass under an indoor trampoline?


Indoor trampolines typically do not require grass cutting since they are placed on a solid surface.

However, regular cleaning and maintenance of the area around the trampoline are still important for safety and cleanliness.

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